Обо мне.

“Welcome to everyone who visited my site”

I’m a witch by inheritance, a practician and tarologist.

I’m in paganism by birthright and in my own beliefs.

Considering my age, going trough lessons of life and traditions, I have a rich experience in every-day life and magical issues.

There is a good quote: “There is no way out only from the grave”. We can break through anything with hard work together and you obeying my recommendations.

Magic is the solution of all your problems, through fear and mistrust, pain and sacrifices. In order to get something, you need to give something!

And don’t think about finances right off the bat, it’s the least one can lose!

You won’t be able to get reviews about me on the Internet. Privacy of clients is still intact. That’s why you have to simply trust me or leave my page. Listen to your intuition and it will be much easier to take decision.


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