“There is no way out only from the grave”

Any diagnostic and help is done only after pre-payment.
Money is the most harmless thing you can pay for solving your problem without any efforts on your side.

No bargaining, the declared sum in no way reflects the colossal energy usage from my side.
Your payment – is the gratefulness for my work and time spent on you.
The declared sum depends on the complexity of your issue and the size of gratitude to the Forces (during ritual).
I am not a psychologist or babysitter, I am a Superintendant.
Don’t try to call to my mercy or compassion – it’s useless.
I doubt that you will become happier after psychological support.

Call me, when you really need help.
And then be read to fulfill the conditions and possible restrictions that I may declare.

Conjuring work is a scrupulous work of both sides, so be ready to actions and real changes in life. To know, that nothing happens in this world by accident and nothing appear out just by waving a magic wand around.

I also would like to point out that I have rituals published on my site. Without experience and proper consultation-diagnostics they may be dangerous
Internet rituals are usually incomplete and contain mistakes.
With purpose of saving your life and health – do not use them on your own!

The methods of solving your problems and the cost is negotiated personally.
And remember rules of attitude and mutual respect in communication!
You need help, so behave accordingly.

You won’t be able to get reviews about me on the Internet. Privacy of clients is still intact. That’s why you have to simply trust me or leave my page. Listen to your intuition and it will be much easier to take decision.