Un lancement d’une larve, d’un esprit ou d’une essence peut avoir un caractère temporel ou permanent.

Les signes du lancement:
– confusion;
– apathie complète, manque d’intérêt pour la vie;
– émergence de sous-personnalité, un certain «second soi» sur le plan mental;
– aggravation de la vue latérale;
– apparition périodique des illusions visuelles, olfactives et auditives;
– changement radical des goûts et des préférences;
– dépression presque continue, accompagnée de l’agression;
– cauchemars nocturnes réguliers;
– manque de temps pour dormir, croissancedes heures nécessaires pour le repos;
– apparition fréquente des parents morts dans les rêves;
– fatigue générale, manque d’énergie.

Fault Finding: fortune-telling/view on the issue of availability of spoilage, homemade anvil, curse, love spell, flap and etc. practiced on you or on a person you are interested in. If one does guess-work on events – this is called the fortune-telling, if there is required to install the problems of magical nature that haunt a person (family, business and etc.) this is called the fault finding procedure.
Fault finding is carried out using the card reader taro, runes, pendulum, wax, scan and etc.

For the purpose of you problem diagnostics: 
– send your photo, photo of the concerned people and your common photos.
– set out the details of your matter / situation / problem.
– specify the first names, last names, dates of birth, additional information.
– make up and send me the list of your questions;

– only exact condition will be declared without any payment:
are you subjected to any magical operations – yes/no, Do I undertake the work yes/no.
– 9$; the situation review, reply to exact question.
Several outcomes of your matter, you will get the basic description.
– 16$; situation analysis, several outcomes:
replies to all the questions you are interested in within the certain/exact area.
– 26$; profound diagnostics, several different outcomes.
– 36$; the utmost profound diagnostics, including recommendations:
Different decks of cards, revision with clairvoyance, replies to the different questions in the felids of life you are interested in.

The profound diagnostics may be provided FREE OF CHARGE! 
In this event you give me your consent that the time spent for you will be compensated with your efforts/energy, time, opportunities, fortune or health.